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Making A Simple Video Thumbnail In Photoshop

April 12, 2020

Have you ever wondered how creators make a professional thumbnail for their videos?

Most of them are using Photoshop because of the robust functionality of the program. The problem is, Photoshop can tend to be confusing and unwieldy, especially for someone that isn’t experienced in graphic design.

Luckily for you, this tutorial should give you most of the tools you need in order to get started making simple thumbnails that’ll have people wanting to watch your videos!

Summary of Tutorial:

In this video, we go through some of the basics of Photoshop, like selecting the proper canvas dimensions for the Thumbnail (1920px by 1080px at 150 Pixels/Inch).

Then, we create a simple text thumbnail (the same one we used as the featured image for this post!).

Finally, we go through a real-life example using a screenshot taken from a video that I had.

As you go through this video, please place any comments or questions in the comments section below. For immediate help, jump over to the FB Group and ask your question there (be sure to reference this tutorial’s URL) and we’ll try to help you through whatever has you stuck!

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